2020 is almost here... it’s time to step up and VOTE

We have to learn from the past and move forward… Democrats must stay out of the rabbit hole!  What we should be focusing on and talking about is put on the back burner and is getting lost in the bustle of old politics that already happened and cannot be changed.

TRUMP’S approval rate is RISING!! While our politicians are too busy dredging up old dirt on their opponents, bigger issues confront us and are being lost in the fray, issues such as: human rights violations/ immigration, women’s rights are being attacked, unequal pay, escalating gun violence, AFFORDABLE COLLEGE, healthcare, mass incarceration of black and brown men, and affordable housing. Issues that affect us on a daily basis !

We must learn from the past, work on repairing any damage , and move forward. In order to fix the issues that threatened our livelihood, we must stand together as a purpose driven collective and BEAT TRUMP! That is the ultimate goal! If we do not defeat Trump, we will forever be responsible for changing the fabric of the United States of America.

The way to achieving that goal is simple… VOTE. Voting is our source of power!


Question for a Gen Z… if you turned 18, have you registered to vote ? Are you staying informed by reading articles, watching the news, are you taking time out of your day to educate yourself on what’s going on in your world today ? Are you learning about the candidates that want to hold the most powerful position in the world? These are plausible questions that deserve thought then action. I’ll leave you with this… no monumental goal ever got achieved by hope alone. #WeAreGenZ

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