Dear George Orwell...

Dear Mr. George Orwell: Your insight and lucid perspective on a dystopian society that you presented in your novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” resonated with me in a very reminiscent sort of way. As I flipped through pages that denounced the workings of The Party through a third person limited point of view , I was reminded of the utopian society that was revealed to be quite the opposite in Lois Lowry’s “The Giver.” The concepts that were so eloquently depicted throughout the novel consisted of totalitarianism,  repressive regimentation that controlled the lives, thoughts, actions, and even emotions of the people living in the altered and falsified society, and constant fear of being “vaporized” from not only existence, but from memory altogether. I found it hard to put the book down at times because I was so enthralled by the details and recounts of events that were being described through the thoughts and memories of Winston Smith.


With conflicted indigence against The Party, the protagonist of your novel Winston Smith, is in a “Catch 22” type of predicament, which dawned on me with a sense of familiarity. My mind kept relating back to “The Giver,” and the fact that Lowry’s novel primarily focused on the idea of a utopia, contrasting with Orwell’s dystopia. One of the things that I found compelling and thought-provoking was how the fundamental idea of the two were indeed different, but the way that both societies were perpetuated were surprisingly the same.

During the duration of my reading, I found myself feeling grateful. Grateful for being apart of an egalitarian society and grateful for being apart of a democracy that protects my rights as a human to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It was a shocking revelation when Mr. Charrington and O’Brien revealed themselves to be informants of The Party. Mr.Charrington, who was the proprietor of the store that was below the room of Winston and Julia, was believed to be someone that Winston did not have to worry about, I was under the same false pretenses. And when O’Brien basically lured Winston into the fold of the Brotherhood-only to capture him committing a public act of treason against The Party-Winston was under the impression that O’Brien really shared his hatred for The Party and everything they represented, promoted and stood for. Both incidents of betrayal towards Winston, was a confirmation to me that the Devil can indeed present itself in any form to trap and ensnare you. In other words, be mindful of the company you keep because people are not always who they claim to be.


Insightful with words of wisdom and caution about a world that could sprout from the egregious acts rooted from your own government, enlightened me and heightened my awareness on what could happen when the government has too much power. I admire your blunt and forthright style of writing. You were able to paint a picture of a totalitarian society through a style that was short and to the point, and at the same time, convey powerful messages and themes that should not be taken lightly, but instead, should serve as a warning. Thank you for writing your truth. Sincerely,

Shanaya Daughtrey



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