Dear Mr.President, We Are More Than Snapchat and Selfies

Out of all the things that President Trump could be focusing on and taking action on, he decides to make it his mission to ban and dismantle Tik Tok. Take into consideration that as of today, August 1st, 2020, over 156,000 people have died from the coronavirus; take into consideration that in a 19-week total, 54 million people have filed unemployment claims and more families are now teetering on the brink of economic disaster. And it is a sad day in America when the Census Bureau has reported that 29.3 million people in the United States are food insecure. 


Where is the sense of urgency in regard to solving the issues that were born out of this pandemic? Instead of trying to focus on the issue that has been the root cause of heartache, isolation, and death, the president has continued to deprecate anything that attacks his ego and spotlights his ineptitude. Now that Tik Tok has been classified as an enemy in his mind, it is the next victim on his vanity hit-list.

If the president follows through on his word and signs an executive order to ban Tik Tok, then over 1400 Americans will be out of a job and put on the unemployment roll. This act is creating unnecessary hardship; on top of trying to silence over 80 million voices-mostly Gen Z’ers- that use Tik Tok as a platform to display their creativity and ideas, the president is strongly exhibiting dictatorial qualities in a democratic society. We have to create a sense of urgency amongst ourselves and our peers and wake up! Realize that now more than ever is the time to step up and do something.

That “something” is VOTING.

The only way that this country can get back on track and repair our democracy is by using the power of our vote. 20 years from now when your kids get home from school after reading and learning about the eventful year 2020 and all that took place under the leadership of our current president, leading up to the presidential election, what will your response be when they ask, “So what did you do?” Will you be able to respond with confidence and say, “Oh I made sure I got out and voted,” or will it be, “I was busy that day and I figured my vote wouldn’t matter that much anyway.”


We have the power to dictate the future of this turmoiled country. We must be determined to take action and engage in the good trouble that is necessary to lift us up out of the gorge of systemic racism, voter suppression, and the flagrant disregard of our Constitution. 

What we decide to do today, can forever change our tomorrow.

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