Freshman Year... It’s Only the Beginning

As of Friday August 30,2019, my first full week as a freshman in college is complete!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written or posted a blog post, but I feel my reasoning for not doing so is completely valid, but I’ll get more into that later.


Having entered a 4 year university, I now understand the hype about how much reading and writing there would be and how everything is really on your own hands and shoulders.”INDEPENDENCE” is the word I would use to describe the bustling aspects of college life.


What I’ve learned over the course of this week-and what I will continue to experience over the course of this semester and beyond- is the plain fact that you control your own schedule. Showing up to class or not showing up to class is entirely up to you. During lectures, taking notes are never a requirement and I kid you not, during my history class, my political science class and even my math class, I would be hustling trying to get everything down before the professor moved on to the next slide- with the knowledge that they would be posted on BlackBoard later on. But also knowing that I would rather just get them done in class- In comparison to some students who would only have their phones and a pen out in front of them, sometimes not even a pen, and would just be watching with their chin in their palm.

It is not my intent to be judgmental, maybe that’s how they learn, but it doesn’t work for me. It was new and something that I quickly picked up on.


Circling back to the point of my blogging gap between now and a month ago. My last written blog was posted about a month ago, and up until this point, I’ve felt like I haven’t had the time to actually sit down and compose a new one.

On Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's, my first class doesn’t start until 12pm and my last class ends at 2:50pm, and depending on how long the lecture is, I sometimes get out a little bit before that.

On Tuesday's and Thursday's, I have an 8am and then a 12:30pm that ends at 1:45pm. As soon as my last class ends, I go get food, eat before the hike to Paty Hall (one of the residential halls on campus) to do homework with one of two people, Zach or Kyra (friends of mine who both live in Paty Hall).

It was a Wednesday evening, and Zach and I were both knee-deep in assignments that weren’t even due until next week, and that’s when it hit me!


“Even when you think you’re ahead, you’re not!”


Zach's response, “Bro!! You’re not even lying!” filled me with reassurance. That statement alone was confirmation that I was not the only person who felt as if even when you get three assignments out of the way, two more are bound to pop up that are due the following class.

It was a shared moment of clarity between myself and another person who was experiencing the same challenge as a incoming freshman. I think my friend Zach said it best, “It really is a grind.”


But through anything and everything, persistence, perseverance, and determination will see you through. Roll Tide!



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