It’s 2020, So Why Not Party Through a Pandemic?

“If I get corona, I get corona.” I’m glad you feel so content with your “I’m here for a good time, not a long time” mentality Brady Sluder. Partying at the expense of others who may be at high risk and suffer from chronic illnesses and underlying conditions, is beyond inconsiderate given the nature of this striking disease.


I am not going to sugarcoat and turn the other cheek, trying to justify the actions of some of our young people (GenZ’ers) going against strong advisement from The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention not to gather in groups of more than 10 people. Alas, instead of taking heed of justifiable precaution, we have teens and young adults congregating at the masses on beaches, improvident of the health risks to themselves, those around them, and their loved ones at home, while schools, restaurants, bars, gyms, and small businesses are closing left and right.

The number of known cases in the United States has surged past 14,000, and they are projected to rise. The sad part is, I have noticed the lack of seriousness among my age demographic in regard to the virus that has already taken the lives of thousands...and counting. I’ll even admit my level of comfortability in thinking that the elderly-people 60 and up- were the main ones contracting the disease and dying, and that my chances were slim to none. I was wrong.


Reports of young people getting sick in Italy have been brought to light, and that was a wakeup call for me. Our attitude has to change GenZ’ers, this virus is real, and people are dying; and not just the old. We are not immune just because we’re young.


We are not invincible. Seeing people my age proudly and publically, dismissing the cautions and warnings made by our health professionals, resonated with me differently. We cannot go on as “business as usual.”


We are living in a time of panic, fear, distrust, and disarray. Where do we go from this if we ever get out of it? How much worse will it get? Is this our World War Z? We all want answers and solutions, but as of right now all we can do is physically distance ourselves from one another, wash our hands- with hand sanitizer on deck, and pray to God, begging Him to see us through these hard times. Remember to do onto others as you want others to do unto you. #WeAreGenZ

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