Loss Of Faith In The System

Yesterday I was on Twitter and I saw someone say “Damn, white people protest and sh*t change the next day.” I paused. After witnessing Governor’s in different states like Florida, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina prepare to reopen businesses over the next two weeks due to the pressure by protesters urging for relaxation on strict rules pertaining to commerce, work and daily life-ignited by conservative talk radio and social media- I began to reflect on the hardships and agony that blacks had to endure JUST to get a seat at the table... LITERALLY!


Before African Americans were even allowed to sit at a lunch counter, without fear of being spat on, dragged and beaten, they had to endure heinous acts of lynching, getting hosed down in the street by fire hoses and attacked by dogs. The racial scales in America have never been balanced!

And it is a disheartening truth to face, but we’ve come to understand what color America favors. Even though it still feels like a stab in the back, there is no longer any shock to the betrayal; when a specific group of people gather together in upheaval and demand for change, action quickly follows.

Why does it feel like our country’s long-standing mantra of “liberty and justice for all,” only apply to a chosen few?


One can conclude that our political system has too often divided people by race, and in addition to efforts in trying to get a handle on this pandemic, bridging that gap between race, is an urgent task for America.


Our diversity will either be our undoing or the source of our greatest strength.


America has to do better... especially in this time of fear and uncertainty, where people or not only losing their lives, but their faith in a system that was meant to foster unity, not fuel division. And at the end of the day, when the death toll has been tallied, the last laugh will be on the protesters because it was never about them, but about the oligarchs- the top 1%- the color of green, and their avarice for greed.


Stay woke, stay home and be safe.


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