Racism is Real, Now What?

IT IS NO SECRET! RACISM IS NOT DEAD! I see it, my friends see it... the world bears witness to the injurious burden of BEING BLACK and BROWN IN AMERICA. It seems like everyday, there is a new incident that has gone viral due to its shocking and unsettling discriminatory content.


EIGHT months into the year 2019, FOUR months away from the year 2020, and headlines such as these STILL fill the morning and evening news slots, gripping the nation’s attention and turning our stomachs: “White Supremacist Propaganda Up in 2018,” “Florida Secretary of State out over Blackface,” “New York bans hair discrimination,” ( To be quite honest it’s actually a shame that THIS had to be done in the first place.) “Videos shows US police pointing gun at pregnant mother and children over ‘shoplifted’ doll” “Trump’s racist tweets come straight from the authoritarian playbook,”

White students in MAGA hats taunt Native American elders.” I could go on and on listing headlines centered around the issues of racism and bigotry, but what’s the point when more are going to come along, going viral on twitter and instagram, eventually landing a spot on the six o’clock news. We can longer hide from the now APPARENT fact that racism is indeed REAL and we can longer ignore what is happening right before our eyes. Those of us who respect democracy and the tenants of the Constitution that outlines the inalienable rights of American citizens, must ensure that the Constitution lives up to its creed.


So what do we do? What is the solution?


We must become an educated people with the wisdom to discern the truth. If we do not know our history and how racism continued to permeate throughout the fabric of America AFTER slavery, and the techniques that were used to keep us down and out, we will continue to wonder in the wilderness of the damned. We are damned if we do not get out and vote for people who care about democracy, equality, and humanity as a whole. And we are damned if we fail to educate ourselves on all fronts that contribute to the racial disparities in America. If we hope to fix what has been broken, we as a people must come together. This is not just a “race” issue, it is a “people” issue. #WeAreGenZ

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