Say it loud, I’m a soldier and I’m proud

Today we celebrate memorial day. A day of remembrance. A day where we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting for our country.
Today, I am putting all politics aside to honor our American heroes. We must understand that freedom is not free, it never has been. I can write blog posts and do my podcasts disagreeing with our government and not be afraid that my door will be kicked in, or that I will be dragged out into the street and executed.
We can literally get into our cars and drive down the street to Starbucks, In-N-Out, and Canes whereas our sisters in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan do not share that same luxury. So today honor the men and women who fought and continue to fight, valiantly and bravely
so that we can kneel in stadiums, protest in the streets of our cities and stand in line to vote.
Today I honor them, our brave men and women.  And as I write out the names of my family members who served and are still in service, you should do the same and give homage to your family members and friends who have died and to those who still remain in active duty. Starting with my grandparents: Noris Benson, Corris Daughtrey Sr., to my uncles Richard Hinton, Joe Hinton, Robert D. Hinton, Willie Reed Hinton, Ford, and John Davis, and a host of cousins and friends who are currently serving our country in the military.

I pray for those who remain in the military, actively serving in locations around the world. I pray for their safety, I pray that God will continue to direct their path and I thank them for protecting our country.


Even though the United States may have its problems, we are still one of the greatest nations on earth. And as young people, as Gen Z’ers, it is our job to continue to make it better, to strive for equality, and to acknowledge the greatness that has come before us.


We celebrate the lives lost, the lives that are still living, and the lives that are still involved in the fight. I lift them up. I ask God to cover them and to send angels down to protect them. My fellow Gen Z’ers I ask that you go and lift up somebody and give thanks to someone who is fighting and has fought for you, and would do it time and time again.


For those who have lost their lives due to COVID-19, I lift them and their families up in prayers as well. As we celebrate today, let us never forget the blood that was shed that seeps through the fabric of our nation.It is the thread that holds us together.


Happy Memorial Day. #WeAreGenZ


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