Sweet Home...You know how it goes

The campus itself was enough to make you stop and stare in awe. As I sauntered pass the ever-green trees with sweat forming upon my brow... I soaked it all in. The scenery- the almost unclouded light blue sky that appeared still and motionless, SURPRISINGLY without the heavy feel of humidity- was a bracing new view that captivated my attention and made me stop in my tracks.


I couldn’t help but stop and take pleasure in where I was and what I had to go through to get there. It was a serene moment that lingered in my thoughts and warmed my heart. I felt complete. I felt I was where I belonged and the orientation served as confirmation that I did indeed, make the right decision to become apart of the Crimson Tide family.

I understood that it took a team effort to get to the school of my dreams, but in that moment, I knew this was where I belonged and I knew that I had earned my place here. The warm and embraceful nature of the people made the experience even better. No conversation ever felt forced, and almost every encounter that did occur, consisted of delightful pleasantries. In my heart-and after the two day Bama Bound orientation- I knew I made one of the best decisions of my life. A future legend in the making… God is good, ROLL TIDE!

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